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What's the difference between the Envelope From and Sender From in an email?

Basically Envelope From is used are part of the protocol and Send From is part of the data. Read on for an explanation.

The SMTP protocol requires that you declare

mail from:<from@jlowrey.com>
rcpt to:<jimlowrey@gmail.com>

during the protocol transaction.

In other words when one mail server is talking to another, the one sending the mail states the 'mail from' and 'rcpt to'. This is wholely independent of the content, specifically the content headers 'From' and 'To'. From what I can tell this is strictly who sent the mail and where should it go.

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Conversations with Beans

There are a few things I've been trying to get straight about Beans and Conversations with JBoss Seam. To that end I worked out these examples.

1)Stateless bean with number counter

package org.jlowrey.examples.sessionbeans;
import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Scope;
import org.jboss.seam.ScopeType;
@Name("Stateless")//this put's this object in "el" scope in the xhtml page.
public class Stateless {
    private int count = 0;
    public int getCount()
	    return count;

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Two Guys in Mexico Lives!

Joe Calexico and Bob Montana follow the travels of Jim and Eric the Norseman.

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Sam's Place Boot Pissing Incident

Courtesy Bill,

You know, I guess you're getting old when you hang on to those things that just aren't there any more.

I was present at the boot-pissing incident, but could not relate the story to save my life. I understand it was happening, I was drunk, and I believe my time was monopolized by Dave-the-Cement-Truck-Driver/Speed-Dealer. I

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Chewbaca Strikes Back

Chewy gets dialed in to some galactic amphetamines and goes on a inner planetary killing spree. When he's not in bars playing poker or creating inter-specie baby wookies, he's carefully and meticulously hunting down and killing each annoying star wars character. Starting with Jar Jar Binks and ending with every one of the muppet characters on Return of the Jedi. After sending Jar Jar to the next life he has Jar Jar's head shrunken by Yoda and mounted on the end of his rifle. The top of Jar Jar's shrunken head, with it's two bulging eyes, actually makes a terrific "rifle sight".