Chewbaca Strikes Back

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Chewy gets dialed in to some galactic amphetamines and goes on a inner planetary killing spree. When he's not in bars playing poker or creating inter-specie baby wookies, he's carefully and meticulously hunting down and killing each annoying star wars character. Starting with Jar Jar Binks and ending with every one of the muppet characters on Return of the Jedi. After sending Jar Jar to the next life he has Jar Jar's head shrunken by Yoda and mounted on the end of his rifle. The top of Jar Jar's shrunken head, with it's two bulging eyes, actually makes a terrific "rifle sight". Chewy just walks around, putting targets between Jar Jar's eyes. The craziest thing is the look in the eyes of the victims. The last thing they see before death is Jar Jar Binks miniature head backgrounded by a crazed wookie.

This all told by Chewbaca himself. He's retired, gray haired, and tends a seedy bar, but still pulls out Baca-whoop-ass on the inter-galactic misfits. He now speaks English. Often after pouring a stiff one for a patron he frequently starts off his stories with, "Didn't speak English back then. Ya'll didn't know what was saying. 'I was tellin' Han, do the bitch and let's get out of here'".