Sam's Place Boot Pissing Incident

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Courtesy Bill,

You know, I guess you're getting old when you hang on to those things that just aren't there any more.

I was present at the boot-pissing incident, but could not relate the story to save my life. I understand it was happening, I was drunk, and I believe my time was monopolized by Dave-the-Cement-Truck-Driver/Speed-Dealer. I

also remember putting the moves on a drunk woman that night, just as her husband walked in...Or not, maybe that was another night...Wait, maybe it was the night the two tiny Mexican guys got into a fistfight, which spilled outside in front of the picture window. One punched the other, they both disappeared from view, and we all went outside, and they were gone...Or perhaps that was the night that Sam's had a live band...Or maybe that was the night we picked up those girls at Hof's, Eric rode in the back of their hatchback while we followed to Sam's, and the girls were pulled over by the cops, Eric popped out of the hatchback while the cops were arresting the girl for DUI, walked casually to our car, got in, and we proceeded to Sam's...All those nights seem to run together.


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Eric's Reply

As for the riding in the hatchback story--I believe it was Pete Thibodeau's brithday and we (actually maybe me) got kicked out of Hof's for ordering FIVE (Not six, not four, but FIVE) San Miguel Grandes (This was of course after having 4 said San Miguel Grandes and 3 or 4 rounds of shots). We invited these lucky ladies over to sam's for a night cap of sorts. I volunteered to give directions and the hatchback was the only place to sit (okay maybe that's where they wanted me to be). But after getting pulled over the girls didn't get arrested but in an amazing feat of Jedi mind tricks--or the power of boobs--they were let go by the Brea Police. Which would NEVER in a million years happen if it were a guy (trust me on this). The girls afterwards let me out of the car and declined the further Sam's invitation. Their night was over--mine however was just starting....

BTW, I think I had a 60 cent schooner with everyone on this list of people at Sam's except maybe Krisie, Brandon, and Zener....uh sorry about the include.

Also, how many people had a beer with Jim Collier at Sam's at 7 in the morning?....I proudly can say yes.